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Rosebud County was formed in 1901 from part of Custer County.

Towns in Rosebud County:
Angela, Ashland, Birney, Brandenburg, Cartersville, Colstrip, Finch, Forsyth (county seat), Hathaway, Hopsonville, Howard, Ingomar, Lame Deer, Rock Springs, Rosebud, Sumatra, Vananda

Those towns that were in Custer County before Rosebud split off in 1901 are in red and underlined.

An excellent source for researching Rosebud County is: They Came and Stayed - A History of Rosebud County.

This book was published in 1970 and contains family histories of people who came before 1930, as well as, general history of the area. The stories were written by the settlers themselves or their families. It is not inclusive of all the people who lived here in that time, however, since there may not have been any family/descendants living there in 1970.  I don't of a way to buy this book at this time.  As far as I know, it is unavailable.

Gary Pflaeging, who has a query posted on my query page, had this to say:

We have made several trips--2 a year for past 5 years--to Forsyth and find the people there very friendly and helpful. We did find some people who knew Great Grandpa Coulson and took us out to his old homestead. Still looking for the Harvey homestead and think may have pinpointed the general area within a mile or so. This next trip in July will maybe be productive. The book "They Came and Stayed" is available to buy from the county library in Forsyth . At least it was 5 years ago as they still had copies. It is a very helpful if you have ancestors in the 1850 -1860 period and later. It was written in the 1970's and unfortunately Great Grandpa was long gone and no relatives were left in the area to tell his story when they did the research.

Another good source, if you can visit Rosebud County, is the Pioneer History Museum in Forsyth. My cousin visited there a few years back and told me that there was a lot of information there about the early days. He found a lot of information about our family there, including our two great aunts who volunteer there. I have also been to the museum following our family reunion July 2 & 3, 2000. It is an amazing place and I recommend it to everyone researching in Rosebud County. We even found the document that granted my great, great grandfather's 175 acres under the homesteading act, signed by President Grover Cleveland.

Other books are: Trials & Triumphs, and Fanning the Embers.

Click here to visit a website that details some of Rosebud County's cemeteries.

If you are looking for information about the town of SUMATRA, Robert L. Grebe was born in Sumatra in 1918 and lived there for 18 years. He would be happy to share information with anyone interested.

In response to a query:

Names on Face of Montana

The town of Ahles (Rosebud), near Vananda, had a post office 1917-1920 with Peter Barthel as Postmaster.

A visitor to the USA sent me this in September 2000


In this summer I was on a road trip around the country.  I was driving 15,000 and one of m favorite routes was the US 12 with the three towns of Sumatra, Ingomar and Vandana.  I hope that in the future I will go back to Jersey Lily's Bar in Ingomar.  It is unforgettable for me.


Zsigmond Bathori from Hungary

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